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    Default Canada gets this right, too bad the US doesn't

    Canada gets tough on unlicensed people (can't call them contractors because they are unlicensed).

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    Default Re: Canada gets this right, too bad the US doesn't

    I concur. Much thanks, Jerry. I am going to post the link on one of my associations web site for Canadian home inspectors.

    In Quebec, where I am situated, contractors are now required to pass tests through a provincial regulatory agency called the RBQ. Link provided. As well, they are now the authority having provincial building code jurisdiction.

    During my time in the trades, residential contractors were not under commercial building jurisdiction. Many complaints lead to the development of our provincial RBQ agency which took time to develope into what it is today. The RBQ or Rege du batiment. English, Regulator of the building.
    The RBQ’s mission is to ensure the following:
    · the quality of the work and safety of the buildings and facilities.
    · the professional qualifications of the contractors and owner-builders.
    · the integrity of the contractors and of the owner-builders.

    Depending upon the trade you are involved in, all trade covered, one is required as of 2017 to provide a $50,000 dollar bond. Individuals that wish to become a General Contractor, GC, must pass a test. Bonds for general contractors are higher. I heard $1,000,000.00, but do not quote me on that.

    When I had my company the RBQ was being developed the bond system was being established as well. The bond started out at $2,000.00 and went to $20,000.00, I felt my conversation helped, and is now as I mentioned, $50,000.00.

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    Default Re: Canada gets this right, too bad the US doesn't

    I found the exceptions in Quebec interesting. As one example -The approval procedure is not called for when all conditions below are met: is not a lighting equipment (fixture).

    Of course the key word is "ALL".


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