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    Default How do you write this up

    I need help on how to write this up. 1994 ranch with 200 amp service panel properly bonded and grounded next to meter, copper wire from meter to service panel and aluminum triplex to a remote 200 amp (sub) panel about 60 feet away in the laundry room and then to a second remote 100 amp (sub) panel in the basement fed by aluminum triplex. Both remote panels are bonded but no ground wire is connected to the service panel.

    My solution if it were my house would be to run a #4 copper from the service panel to the first remote and then a #6 to the second remote and separate the grounds and neutrals in both remotes.

    Should I describe what I would recommend or just refer to a qualified electrician to evaluate and repair as necessary knowing sparky will probably say it met code when it was built.

    Is this a legitimate problem to call out or not

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    Default Re: How do you write this up

    When you say triplex cable, are you referring to a cable with two insulated conductors and one uninsulated conductor? Usually used as overhead service drop cable.

    If so, then the correction would be to replace with a proper wiring method which contains 4 conductors: 3 insulated conductors and one bare conductor; or 4 insulated conductors. The grounding conductor is permitted to be bare or insulated.

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    Always refer it to the professional. Do not offer your own solution, could be wrong. Nobody expects you to solve the problem, just identify it.

    No way that would have met the code even 50 years ago. So don't worry about what the electrician will say or do.

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    Default Re: How do you write this up

    never mind


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