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    Quote Originally Posted by Wendell Swedberg View Post
    Does have any one have some good verbage I could use in my report for Zinsco panels?

    I wanted something good that stated why they are a safety hazard.
    Well lets list some of their problems:

    1. They are held in place by friction
    2. The bus bars are zinc coated aluminum
    3. When the breakers are pushed on the bus bars they scratch the zinc off the aluminum. This then allow the copper on the breakers to contact the aluminum and they then arc and weld themselves to the bus bar.
    4. The breakers tend to slide off the bus bars when the dead front cover is removed, if the have not welded themselves to the bus bars.
    5. Breakers have been known not to trip.

    I think that these are the major issues....

    Scott Patterson, ACI
    Spring Hill, TN


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