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Thread: Hot AFCI'S?

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    Question Hot AFCI'S?

    I was at my in law's newly completed house and was checking out the basement. it is constructed of superior walls and wanted to see the profile with my if camera.

    I opened the electrical panel and noticed that all the AFCI had a higher temp profile than the than a standard breaker. The units were warm to the t touch but showed no signs of scorching on the underside when I pulled them. My amp probe showed that they were pulling 3 amps.

    Is this a normal situation.

    I am in the process of researching the situation but wondered if any one had information.

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    Default Re: Hot AFCI'S?

    AFCI's are typcial hot to the touch. Nature of the beast. Not an issue.

    Some have stated that the AFCI's should not be more than 3 stacked, but all the Master Electricians I've talked to said thats not an issue.



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