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    If it's a standard switch without an On and Off marking, it is probably a three way. If it's the Decora type, then there are no markings, and it could be either. I probably would mention it, depending on what else is present. It would bug me if it were my house and I would have to rotate it if it was installed upside down. Easy enough to correct.

    Jim Robinson
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    Now, *if* you removed the cover plate, you would see "TOP" stamped into the yoke the switch is in. That "TOP" *should* (as in *shall*) be at the top.

    110.3(B) Listing and labeling. It is required to be installed, and used, in accordance with its listing and labeling (my wording, not a code quote).

    So, technically, for single pole switches, 'ON' *should* be up, and 'OFF' *should* be down.

    There may be 3-way switches, in which case the 'ON' is up and 'OFF' is down will change depending on which switch is in which position. You will also find that 3-way switches are not marked with a 'TOP'.

    Jerry Peck
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    Default Re: Light switch position.

    My money is on a 3-way...


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