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    Default what type of disconnect is this

    WECO brand, the cabionet was rated for 100 amp. I didnt see any amp on this breaker? Is there any problems with this type? Any background on this including what it is called would help... thanks! The house is 1961 and I am assuming this is original equpiment.

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    Default Re: what type of disconnect is this

    Looks like a pull out fuse Block. You have to pull the block out to find the Amps. You will typically see 1 or 2 cartridge fuses behind the block. You do not add them together to get the total amps. I see this typically on older 60 amp fuse panels. One cartridge is the main and the other for the range. By the way when you pull the block it will cut power to whole house so make sure this is OK first. Computers etc.

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    Default Re: what type of disconnect is this

    That's a pull out fuse disconnect.

    The problem with not pulling them out is that you do not know if the right size fuses were being used, or if they had installed copper pipe, or if the fuses had been removed and the disconnect bypassed.

    The problem with pulling them out is that you might end up with a couple of different size pieces in your hands, left in the enclosure, and on the floor.

    I've found all of the above.

    Years ago I used to pull out everyone of them, and if they fell apart, they fell apart - too bad. Then I started not pulling them out and just recommending replacement as the in$urance companies started not insuring fused panels, and they also said that included breaker panels with fused mains (such as is shown in your photo) - I know, I asked them. Now, whether or not that changed later on, I don't know.

    WECO might be Westinghouse Electric Company (not sure, though).

    Jerry Peck
    Construction/Litigation/Code Consultant - Retired

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    Default Re: what type of disconnect is this

    pull out fuse block
    As Jerry said you don't know the fuse/amp size without pulling them out.
    My suggestion- don't do it
    I had one break slightly and got it back in.
    Mostly though, if you pull it out you may get nasty phone calls from sellers. Having to reset their clocks, radios, and possibly computers, etc. really pisses people off.
    Refer it for further evaluation and recommended replacement by licensed electrician
    "The Code is not a ceiling to reach but a floor to work up from"

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    Default Re: what type of disconnect is this

    Speaking of taking things apart that you wish you hadn't.... Have any of you ever run across a mid-60's Square D panel with spring loaded clip/clamps on the panel as opposed to screw holes in the box case?

    What a hassle!! I found my first one last week and it took me about 20 minutes to put the cover back together. Clips, springs and screws.... all that have to be lined up precisely and then delicately slid into place, held there and screws tightened, all without knocking one of the six loose.

    I guess I can see why the design never took off

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    Default Re: what type of disconnect is this

    I had a Bulldog a few weeks ago that was a pain to get the cover back on...

    Paul Kondzich
    Ft. Myers, FL.


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