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    Default Undersized wire !

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    Re: Check out these undersized wires !
    Hi, Check this out,

    This is from an inspection i performed today in chicago, people were living in the house with this condition for some time - Main drop entrance cable (Hot & Neutral) in service panel spliced with a # 14 wires to the 100 amp main breaker and neutral bar - Wow !! The drop cable was not long enough at installation so this is how he/she repaired the issue.

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    Default Re: Undersized wire !


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    Default Re: Undersized wire !

    Will somebody please send Mr. Buss a kewpie doll?! That's a prize winner!

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    Default Re: Undersized wire !

    That would be called a "fusable link". When the current exceeds the ability of the wire to carry it, the wire melts and shuts down the circuit(s). It is all contained in a metal box, so what's the problem?

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