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    Default Lights flicker

    I have a client who stated the lights flicker in the house when someone uses a power saw or the ac comes on.
    The home has a copper 200 amp cable going to a 200 amp Square D breaker.
    The home is dated 1986. It is grounded in the pannel and outside to a ground rod. This is underground service.
    What could be doing this. PS it wasn't noticed during the inspection.
    Thank You

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    Default Re: Lights flicker

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    Default Re: Lights flicker

    If the lights are flickering, it could possibly be a bad neutral connection at the main service entrance.

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    One thing I can tell from fielding numerous calls over the years from our inspections is that things are almost NEVER as the client is stating them.

    Get there soon and check it out for yourself. When any high-draw equipment fires up there's often a noticeable 'flicker'. I'd say there's a reasonable chance that nothing is wrong.


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