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    Default 8 GFCI's in series

    If I remember correctly, there can't be more than 6 GFCI's outlets wired to one GFCI switch, right? THe house today had the exterior outlets, bathroom, and garage outlets all tied to one GFCI outlet in the garage. Should this be cited? Thanks

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    Default Re: 8 GFCI's in series

    Q: How many receptacles can be installed and protected on the load side a Pass & Seymour/Legrand GFCI?

    A: The number of receptacles installed downstream of a GFCI will be determined by the size of the branch circuit and the estimated load. It is not uncommon to have four to six receptacles being protected downstream from a GFCI.

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    Default Re: 8 GFCI's in series

    No max, according to this thread from the ever-popular archives:

    GFCI question -


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