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Thread: Texas under NEC

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    Default Texas under NEC

    Did you all know that the state adopted the NEC a few years back , replacing the electrical IRC.....did not know that until today , according to folks at TRCC.

    Is this right? what gives?

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    Default Re: Texas under NEC


    At last check Texas has adopted the 2005 NEC.

    Additionally, electricians have to perform to the code to comply with state licensing requirements.

    I frequently inspect new construction in unincorporated areas and find missing AFCIs, panels in clothes closets, panels below design flood elevation, etc. The builder's first response is almost always that those NEC items aren't required where they're building. It's been a source of enjoyment to tell builders that they need to go back to their electrician for repair at their (the electrician's) expense because they were required to install to 2005 NEC standards and could potentially be at risk of losing their license for failing to do so should someone (such as my clients) choose to initiate a formal complaint.



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