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    Default single strand ground

    You have to wonder what was going through the guy's mind when he did this. "All those other strands are just extras"?
    "At least I got one of them under the darn screw"?
    "I wish I knew what I was doing"?

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    Default Re: single strand ground

    Geeze... whatta knucklehead.

    I know the feeling.... first you look at that and go, "Whaaaaaa..." Then just shake your head and smile.


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    Default Re: single strand ground

    Also, that looks like a sheet metal screw and sheet metal screws are not allowed to be used for that purpose (even if the conductor were copper).

    With that conductor being aluminum, that 'screw terminal' would need to be listed for use with aluminum.

    They also wasted a lot of tape taping up that 'neutral/ground' in the service entrance conductors and that 'ground' in the feeders.

    Also, that 'white' conductor and that taped up 'neutral/ground' service entrance conductor look to be too large for those terminals.

    There sure are a lot of 'grounds' in there. Maybe one goes to the grounding electrode system and one is a bond to the metal water piping system?

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