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    Default How to word this...Obsolete service

    Hey everyone just saw something new. 1940s small cabin. Back when I did A/C work we would rig a "cheater cord" to get power for vacuum pumps etc. which is similar to what was done here, except this is the main power to the cabin. There is "newer service" from utility, 100 AMP main in service panel. The only breaker in the panel is a 30 AMP with #10 wire. They are only using one pole of the 2 pole breaker and going to ground to get 120 volts, (thats all there is in the cabin.) That #10 wire is powering the whole cabin (gas heat, stove and water heater.) I am not sure where the #10 wire meets the old cloth covered wire.. So what would you say about this installation, besides that its wrong. Also would that be considered 15 or 30 amp service?

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