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    Default Trip Tie Required?

    Greetings HI's,

    I'm sure this is covered in Elec101, so thank you for being patient.
    I performed an 11 month inspection on a home today and saw what I believed to be 4-wire romex with one wire connected to a 20amp breaker for the disposal and the other connected to a separate 20amp breaker for the dishwasher. They share a single neutral and ground.
    Question: Should there be a trip tie between the breakers?

    Additional comments are welcome.

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    Default Re: Trip Tie Required?

    If they are in the same outlet/junction box they need a common trip.

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    Default Re: Trip Tie Required?

    If on the same yoke/strap (i.e., a duplex with disposer and dishwasher - both on same device) - tie handle required.

    Could be in same box and tie handle not 'required' - but a really, really, good idea.

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