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    Default Electrical: Laundry CENTER DRAIN w/ Duplex Receptacle

    You all may have seen these before... I hadn't until the inspection yesterday.

    The Laundry area has an IPS Guy Gray galvanized steel drain box "CENTER DRAIN w/ 20 Amp Duplex Receptacle" installed for the washer bibs and drain.

    The outlet was not GFI protected. There was no sink located in the area.

    This was in a home remodeled in 1993. The company literature makes no mention of installing the receptacle on a GFI protected circuit.

    There was a UL logo stamped on the metal.

    So..... If unfinished basement outlets are required to be GFI protected ....wouldn't you think an outlet attached to a metal panel two inches from a water supply line that could leak (spray) water should be protected.

    Oh, I forgot common sense is not always applied in the "nanny state code world".

    By the way my client is a trial lawyer!!!!

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