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Thread: GFCI outlets

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    I assume it has a appliance cord on it to plug into a 110 receptacle, it must be to the electronic ignition for a gas range.

    Yes, it could be connected to a GFCI.


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    Yep you got it. Thanks Rick.

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    210.52(B)(2) No Other Outlets. The two or more small-appliance
    branch circuits specified in 210.52(B)(1) shall have no
    other outlets.

    Exception No. 1: A receptacle installed solely for the electrical
    supply to and support of an electric clock in any of
    the rooms specified in 210.52(B)(1).

    Exception No. 2: Receptacles installed to provide power
    for supplemental equipment and lighting on gas-fired
    ranges, ovens, or counter-mounted cooking units.
    I tossed that in as I wasn't sure if the question was about GFCIs in general or the small-appliance (countertop) circuits. But...OK either way. One would hope that someone wouldn't turn on a cook-top burner and then run away before he noticed it didn't ignite.


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