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    Default Determining age of breaker panel

    With all the homeowners insurance changes and cancallations taking place in Florida, I have been doing a lot of insurance 4 point inspections. Most of the insurance carriers require updated panels, if the existing panel is over 25 year old. In many cases the homeowner has only owned the home for a few years and do not know the age of the existing panel. Other that 'swag' is there a reliable means of determining when panel was manufactured, such as model numbers?

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    Default Re: Determining age of breaker panel


    Have you tried counting it's rings?
    No but seriously, I know that some manufacturers used to stamp (in ink) the date of manufacture, some companies still do this for meterbases. Your best bet would be to contact a manufacturer directly (of the most panel types in your area) and see if there is a method for determining the "born on" date.

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    Default Re: Determining age of breaker panel

    Starting point would be the local tax roles and/or any such document that provides "approximate birth age" of the home.

    Home built in 1982 ... that will likely be age of panel.

    I always check CAD roles for homes I inspect for any snippet of information.

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    Default Re: Determining age of breaker panel

    Many times at least around here the inspection stickers are on the panel cover. Most times the sticker will have a date.


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