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    Default Aluminium wiring

    Just curious how your report on aluminium wiring in distribution panels (with antioxidant) and electric space heaters.


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    Default Re: Aluminium wiring

    Only report single strand 120 VAC branch circuit wiring. Multi-strand aluminium wiring with anti-oxident is not considered a concern. Single strand dedicated circuit is not considered a concern.

    North Carolina Licensing board requires the following statement in HI reports when idenitifed:

    " Aluminum wire is evident on 120 VAC branch circuits in the subject house. This single strand, branch circuit aluminum wire was used widely during the 1960s and 1970s. As per the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, problems due to overheating at the connections between the wire and devices (switches / outlets) may have been responsible for fires. It is recommended that the electrical system be evaluated by a fully licensed electrician. For further information on Aluminum wiring go to CPSC Home Page."

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    Default Re: Aluminium wiring

    Removed....duplicate post...


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