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    Default How does does this happen?

    The main panel is a 100 amp panel with a 50A main breaker / #6 awg. A #2 went to the nuetral bus.
    The breaker below it is a 50A to a sub and 11 or so 20A breakers. Ya think a builder could have installed this?
    There was also a new meter.

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    Default Re: How does does this happen?

    It may be a 100 amp rated panel but that doesn't mean there's necessarily 100 amps being fed to it. Check wire size from pole to meter and/or take a reading.
    A bunch of 20 amp breakers in itself doesn't mean much. What size wires are hooked to them? How much is actually being drawn on each circuit?
    If breakers aren't popping then there probably isn't too much amperage being pulled. This doesn't mean there aren't other problems.
    The panel looks pretty old and dirty, not like it's been changed recently. The builder may have installed it but how long ago and who has been inside since.
    The meter was 'also' changed. What does the 'also' refer to? Why was the meter changed, rusted out box? It little odd to change the meter but leave that panel alone. That's the kind of thing that makes me suspicious.
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