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    Default Carpet Inspection in Lawrenceville, PA 16929

    We have a very easy carpet inspection in Lawrenceville, PA 16929. The complaint is for excessive wear. We will provide a checklist along what to observe. This inspection should only take 10-15 minutes (at the most).

    Payment will be made within 10 days of completion of the inspection. If you accept bankcards we can pay immediatly after the inspection is completed.

    You are responsible for setting the appointment. The inspection report must be submitted on our website within 48 hours of the inspection.

    Inspect Solutions, Inc. has been contracted to provide national inspection services for major retailers and manufacturers.

    We have our own secure-web based program that you will upload the photos. You will also complete the report online. Our web-based program is extremely easy.

    Contact Ron Gould via email at or (888) 854-0946.

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    Default Re: Carpet Inspection in Lawrenceville, PA 16929

    We ended up getting this inspection covered.


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