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    Hey all - just recently got interest from Castle Inspections, a part of Overland Solutions, performing insurance inspections as a third party. Does anyone have any background on the company, the pay scale, etc? Sounds like it would be on an independent contractor basis... Want to have some idea of what to expect. Thanks as always.

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    I did some "inspections" for them. My problem was I was the only guy in a 150 mile radius. There would be days when I would travel 400 miles. If you can do alot (10-15 "inspections") within a small geographical area it isn't too bad. I had to reach a financial agreement with them before each trip so that it would be beneficial for me. Even so after doing the paperwork (the house diagram could take some time) it did not work out as a big financial gain for me. Some houses get you $15! They did pay what we agreed to and they did pay on time. I think an additional problem is that they only get so much per house from the insurance company and that did not cover my costs. In one case they asked me to travel 180 mile each way! I told them 6 hours of travel 1 hour on site and at least 1 hour doing the report would require $600 - they laughed. Bottom line - alot of close inspections with no gated communities and simple house diagrams - maybe!

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    Hi Guys (and gals)
    I just got a lead on these guys for the San Luis Obispo , CA area if you are interested. they mention 45 mile radius, 80 residential and 3-5 commercial per month. Little too far for me.
    Overland Solutions, Inc.

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