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    Default Granite Counter Top Inspection in McKenzie, TN.

    We have an immediate need for an inspector to follow a checklist and simple instructions for an inspection on granite counter top. This information will then be uploaded to our website. Total inspection time should not take more than 15 minutes. Submission of the report and pictures would be another 15 minutes.

    The inspection is in a
    residential home in McKenzie, TN. The pay is $80.00. Payment will be made within 10 days of completion of the inspection or the 10th of July, whichever is first.

    You are responsible for setting the appointment. The inspection report must be submitted on our website within 48 hours of the inspection.

    Inspect Solutions, Inc. has been contracted to provide national inspection services for major retailers and manufacturers.

    Our clients are major retailers or manufacturers that just want to know what is wrong so the problem can be taken care of. They also need our opinion so the proper party can be charged back. For example, if it is a major box store inspection and it is an installation related issue, our reports are used for the reason of the chargeback to the installer.

    We have our own secure-web based program that you will upload the photos. You will also complete the report online. Our web-based program is extremely easy.

    Contact Ron Gould via email at or (888) 854-0946.

    Inspect Solutions

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    Default Re: Granite Counter Top Inspection in McKenzie, TN.

    I don't know about anyone else, but I could not leave my office and walk next door for $80 ... not and make a profit.

    Having to drive any distance at all (even across a small town) do the inspection, then drive back?

    To each their own, I guess.

    Jerry Peck
    Construction/Litigation/Code Consultant - Retired

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    Default Re: Granite Counter Top Inspection in McKenzie, TN.

    I can see doing termite inspections for this amount because sooner later, if you are a PCO, this is how you would get your treatments...

    But to do inspections and reports for that and wait awhile to get paid... Naaah.


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    Default Re: Granite Counter Top Inspection in McKenzie, TN.

    How do you guy's expect to get a proper job done when YOU take all the CASH and the poor guy who does all the work gets SQUAT?

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    Default Re: Granite Counter Top Inspection in McKenzie, TN.

    Maybe a good thing for many part time or new Texas inspectors forced out of business by high E&O insurance costs. I agree with everyone else, I wouldn't fire up the truck for $80.00.

    You are basically being asked to accept full responsibility of an installers work, because "your the inspector". If your not following the full job, you are setting yourself up for future litigation.

    A guy complained to me the other day that a relative of his paid $60.00 for a plumber to install a $10.00 part on his toilet. He thought his relative got screwed. My take on it - business owner pays for time, vehicle, insurance, advertising, other expenses. He probably spent at least 30 minutes driving to the job. 15 minutes evaluating what needed to be done. Another 30 minutes driving back. Id say he lost money on the job.

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    Default Re: Granite Counter Top Inspection in McKenzie, TN.

    I think the Ole 'Import' hit the nail on the head...


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    Default Re: Granite Counter Top Inspection in McKenzie, TN.

    Hi all,
    I got this job and it was at my regular hourly rate. He posted that fee in the event that they had to get a service type person to do it and they would need to be walked through the process. I simply told him my fee for this job, he verified my experience and came back with an OK.

    It is a simple inspection to look at an install and take a couple of pictures. About 15 minutes on site and another 10 minutes to upload the data. No research or long reports to write, just my opinion of what I see. It is all done online.

    They handle complaint inspections for the Big Box stores, several window manufacturers, large siding company (JH), and a bunch more.

    We shall see how it turns out. I'm happy with the fee.

    These type of jobs are what can help you get through the winter slowdown and other slowdown periods. These types of jobs are simple, we already do some warranty/service type inspections for a couple of other folks, combine these with the draw inspections that we do and it amounts to hefty increase in our yearly sales.

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