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    Default Please give us some inspections.

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    Make sure the Home Inspector you hire is properly trained, tested and qualified. In Ontario, only Professional Home & Property Inspectors (PHPI) from PHPIC and Registered Home Inspectors (RHI) from CAHPI Ontario have earned credentials that are recognized by federal and provincial governments.

    Unfortunately, our area now has several individuals posing as qualified inspectors, but they lack the correct experience, background, training and testing. These persons more often than not offer their ‘service’ at lower fees than our firm, but as with anything else, you only get what you pay for. Until August 31, 2010, we will match any competitor’s price, quality and services. If you can’t find an inspector at one of the following sites, he/she is not qualified to inspect your house:

    Welcome to PHPIC - The Professional Home and Property Inspectors of Canada Ontario Association of Home Inspectors

    Our qualified inspectors are members of valid associations, they carry insurance and they must take upgrading courses each year. Bluewater Home Inspection has been around since 1993, and we have done more than 14,000 inspections………now that is the experience you need !!!!


    Bill Mullen PHPI; RHI Scott Turnbull PHPI
    George Leenhouts PHPI; RHI
    Isaac Reed Jerry Reintjens Lori Perron

    Contact Bluewater Home Inspection:


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    Default Re: Please give us some inspections.

    HUH? What thaaaa?


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