We are a small 3 member firm serving the Chicago area. We are on a pace to do over 1200 inspections this year and we're having trouble keeping up with the workload. We are fairly well known for our high quality narrative report writing and our very thorough inspections. Needless to say most of our referrals do not come from re-litters.

If you are a highly knowledgeable, physically fit, (crawlspaces, attics, and roofs require it) detail oriented, Illinois licensed home inspector with top notch people skills and the ability to write coherent narrative reports then this may be an opportunity for you. I started this business about ten years ago and brought on a partner 3+ years ago. He is now making 100k/year. The independent inspector we brought on about 10 months ago has done over 200 inspections so far and gets a very generous split.

We would love to diversify our firm by adding a minority or woman to the team. Of course, the same stringent standards would apply.

If you're interested, take a look at the sample reports posted on our website. Anyone who can generate and inspection report to that standard is more than welcome to contact myself at inspectordan@gmail.com or my partner at rossinspects@gmail.com


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