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    Default Inspection (Pictures Only) in Florence, AL

    We have a need for a very simple, extremely easy inspection in Florence, AL. The inspection entails checking in at the front counter of a major retail store. Then taking clear pictures of the areas that have installed vinyl plank floors, usually 4-5 sections; 4-5 pictures for each section.

    The report only needs your opinion if the floor should be replaced or not. Also note if there are any visual tripping hazards. No testing, no moisture readings, no measuring. The pictures need to be put into a folder for each section and uploaded to a zip file and then uploaded into the evidence section on our website.

    Inspect Solutions provides flooring inspections throughout the United States for major retailers and manufacturers. Please let me know if you can complete this inspection and the time frame.

    Email Ron Gould at or call (888) 854-0946 (9-4 CST)

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    This one is covered.


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