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    Default Veteran Inspector Wanted in Indianapolis

    I am looking for an experienced inspector to join the BPG Inspection team in Indianapolis. You will enjoy the benefits of being part of our company. Being a multi inspector inspection firm you will receive free workman’s comp, and free short term and long term disability. As you know, being self employed if you are injured on the job and can not work that will cause serious financial stress. And as we all get older we may have health issues come up and not be able to work. As a part of our team if you are injured on the job or have an illness that prevents you from working you will still receive an income. We also pay all licensing’s fees, continued ed fees, supply you with a lap top computer and printer, free office supplies, free software, free IT support, and a professional scheduling staff. You do not lose any of your freedom. You still make your own schedule and work all on you own. I would love to have you join our team of inspectors that have come to realize we deserve all these benefits as the rest of the professional work force does. Contact me at

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