This is an opportunity posted on my partner's site, Casey, O'Malley Associates ( Construction Defects Claims Consultant Home Inspection Disputes - Casey, O'Malley Associates ). I thought some of you may be interested in this.

"This is different from normal FEMA inspector jobs, the idea is to have area managers who live close to disasters so they don’t have to be away from home for months, plus are familiar with the area and can be updated on information for themselves, too."

NEW!! April 2013:

COA Announces an income opportunity for home inspectors: Building Inspection Service, Inc. (BISCO) is looking for inspectors who want to be trained to be area managers during presidentially declared disasters and to manage inspectors at disasters within a 50 mile radius of their home.

The minimum requirement to be an area manager is that you have been thru FEMA training and it would be preferred that you have done FEMA Inspections after a disaster. The Area Managers will manage the inspectors, help recruit new inspectors, go out on the 1st and 2ndinspections with new inspectors and basically be a mentor to the inspectors.

The Area Manager Position will be a salaried position and you will be paid as an employee by the hour (approximately $50.00 per hour). You will also get paid for training, travel and mileage and if you are more than 50 miles from home you will be paid for hotel and a per diem for expenses. Please note the intent of the area manager is to provide FEMA disaster work close to home so you do not have to be far away from home for months to do these inspections. If you have not performed any FEMA inspections; within the first 9 months of your employment you will have to go out in the field to a disaster twice for a week and inspect so you can see first hand and understand what is involved in an emergency so that you can better manage the inspectors.

BISCO would also like to train inspectors to perform FEMA Inspections and can have a full day FEMA Training before your monthly meeting at your local inspector association chapter if you would like.

Please let us know if you are interested in being an area manager or would like to be trained to do FEMA Inspections by filling out the questionnaire (Download Word Doc) and return it to: or Fax it to 215-357-8082

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