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    Thumbs up Flooring Inspectors Needed

    This board is a great source of information, thanks to all who post here.

    With the Building and Real Estate Industry in a slump; Home Inspectors may consider adding FloorCovering Certifications and Inspections to their existing business.
    There are many areas of the U.S. and Canada void of Certified Flooring Inspectors.
    California, Colorado, Alabama, Mississippi, New Mexico, The Entire North East, are a few areas needing Certified Flooring Inspectors.
    It seems to me that home inspectors know how to inspect and already have knowledge of flooring materials and installation, so why not add credentials and income from this category that needs help.
    Good places to obtain certifications: (hardwood) (carpet and hard surface).

    There are more certifications out there and if anybody is interested they are more than welcome to call Ray Darrah or Linda Lockwood. The numbers can be found at, or email me.

    Thank you and I'm hoping this is an appropriate post.

    Thank you,
    Ray Darrah

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    Default Re: Flooring Inspectors Needed

    I guess it is if you are not trying to sell a class or service. Otherwise, it would be appropriate to contact Brian Hannigan regarding the proper means of advertising your service or product to sell.

    Since this board is free for home inspectors and is made so by advertising purchased by it's sponsors, it would not be fair otherwise to those who properly sponsor their products and services for others to come on and do so free of charge.

    Just my .02 cents.


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    Default Re: Flooring Inspectors Needed

    Sorry for any confusion.
    QuestInspect commissions inspectors and there is a need for Flooring Inspectors.
    Simply posting the need and offer of help in finding Certification to enter into this area of the inspection industry.

    Thank you for your response.

    Ray Darrah


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