A friend has been working for them off and on for years and in several states.

I have read their "contract and their terms. Their terms void the contract by definition. These are the issues I beleive that you WILL face doing work for them

1. They seem to pay the same today as they did over 13 years ago.
2. They pay VERY SLOWLY and forget to pay the "bonuses".
3. Pay is not negotiable at all, it is at their whim.
4. The company will order you to return to the site much of the time (my friend is HIGHLY professional and completes every assignment as per the job order).
5. They change the requirements of the inspection after completion.
6. They state that they allow you to use "subcontractors" as required in any agreement with a contractor, but there is no way for your sub-contractor to sign off the job therefore no legal way to use a sub.
7. If they determine that the "work" was unacceptable for any reason (and only on their determination, no input or redress allowed) they will assign the work to another contractor and not pay, even if you completed the assignment
8. If they make demands after the fact not included in the original order you may or may not be paid, but they will never accept a demand for a new contract order.
9. They have begun asking for work that is "above pay grade:" for the type of inspection being asked, instead of completion of draw level as based on their terms, demanding that the inspector label each room according to the plans, plans which are not included in the bid. This is approaching a spatial compliance control assessment report, not a "draw request by percentage of completion".

Lastly, they want to pay $50 more or less for 2 hours work including driving on average.

Just thought I would give a current assessment based on local knowledge.

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