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    Default Insurance Home Surveyor - Shelby County, Alabama

    Independent Contractor position available.

    To cover Shelby County, Alabama. (Cases in surrounding counties as well).

    Perform fieldwork & computer reporting for a national industry leader. Experience Necessary. Performance based pay, on average, $15/hour.

    Mueller Services has been in business since 1980, and at present we have approx. 600 Field Representatives, both employees and independent contractors. In addition, there are approx. 200 employees working from our headquarters and only office location in Buffalo, New York. As we do insurance surveys in all 50 States, field reps live all over (Seattle, Detroit, Chicago, Brooklyn, Baltimore, Richmond, etc). Various insurance company customers (50+/- companies) hire our services to complete "routine underwriting reports" for them across the country. Usually this occurs when a new policy has been issued or an existing policy is due for renewal, and the insurance company would like a brief underwriting report done at the site, so they can better rate and evaluate the risk (property). A basic exterior homeowner report (60% of our business +/-) would include a front and rear digital photo, digital photos of outbuildings and any condition or maintenance concerns viewed. Inspectors complete a diagram with measurements to determine overall square footage of house. We diagram the home by using a measuring wheel to measure the "footprint" of home, in order to determine ground floor square footage. We also do some interior surveys (35%+/- of our business), where field rep will call homeowner first, and arrange appt. to view interior utility systems and interior features, along with standard exterior report. We also do some commercial reports (about 5% of our business +/-)(restaurants, shoe stores, apartment buildings, etc.) but this takes additional commercial report training that comes down the line.

    There are no sales of any kind associated with this position.

    Apply online at for immediate consideration.

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    Default Re: Insurance Home Surveyor - Shelby County, Alabama

    So.... what color is your sky?
    and.... what flavor Kool-Aid are you drinking?

    Maybe this guy will do it.......

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