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    Default Veterans Adminisration Minimum Drinking Water Standards

    Can anyone get their hands on the VA's drinking water MCL (Maximum Contamination Limits) standards from a publication. The last I saw the testing was to include Total Coliform, E-Coli, Nitrates and Nitrites.

    I would like to have the published MCL's to send along with my water reports since the labs don't seam to keep a copy on file.

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    Default Re: Veterans Adminisration Minimum Drinking Water Standards

    Section 502 Lending is covered under 7 CFR Part 3550.
    Administrative Rules from VA on their site.
    References to CWA and EPA.

    There is a topic area devoted to these type of questions you might find this has already been asked, and appropriate links.

    Are you doing a buyer's use only general HI or Program Lending Underwriting Inspection/s & Certifications?

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    Default Re: Veterans Administration Minimum Drinking Water Standards


    Not sure if this will help you in the direction you are looking to go, but ... scroll down to page 12-14 and on for limited drinking water information. No MCL information but maybe the other information is useful?

    You can also go here:

    Loan Guaranty Service, Regional Loan Centers (U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs)

    And then go to the local or nearest regional office page, there is shows phone numbers and e-mail addresses. You could contact someone there and you 'should be able to get what you are looking for', but, of course, that is the gubmint an youse nos wha dat meen ...

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    Default Re: Veterans Adminisration MAXimum Drinking Water Standards

    Good morning, Richard:

    I don’t know much about the VA, except that I have done a number of laboratory audits and Industrial Hygiene audits for one of their hospitals.

    I also spent a couple of years as part of the US EPA CLP wherein I analyzed thousands of water samples for compliance purposes. As such, the MCLs that I know of are not part of the VA, but rather are part of the Primary Drinking Water Standards promulgated by the US EPA and found in 40 CFR Part 141. I’ve put a copy of the MCLs on my server for you:

    It does include faecalforms (total coliforms and E-coli).

    You will also want to reference 40 CFR Part 258 for additional ground water standards.

    I hope that helps.

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