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    Default Iowa Smokers Needed For Radon Study

    According to EPA, smokers' risk of developing lung cancer from exposure to radon (actually radon decay products) is 9 to 19 times higher than for non-smokers at the same exposure. The University of Iowa plans to conduct a study on the health effects of exposure to radon and is seeking smokers to participate in the study.

    U-I wants smokers for Radon study

    Researchers at the University of Iowa are looking for cigarette smokers to take part in a study of radon, an invisible gas that's prevalent in most Iowa homes. Dr. Bill Field, a professor of occupational and environmental health at the U-of-I, says radon exposure can cause lung cancer and Iowa smokers are in even greater danger.

    Field says "If you smoke and also have higher radon exposures, you have a much higher risk of developing lung cancer." He says more than 70-percent of the basements in Iowa homes have radon levels that exceed federal E-P-A standards. Field says Iowa smokers are giving themselves a double-dose of radiation.

    Field says many people don't realize that cigarette smoke contains radioactive materials and that pack-a-day smokers may be exposed to more radiation than workers in federal nuclear weapons factories. The radon studies have been underway at the U-of-I since 1993. He says the latest project involves developing a new radon detector that could give an estimate of someone's exposure during the time they've lived in any given home. Field says Iowa's history with radon runs deep.

    He says long-ago glaciers left pulverized rock deposits all over Iowa which have high radon-emanating potential and Iowa has the highest average radon concentration in the U.S. For more information, Field suggests searching for "Iowa" and "radon" together to be linked to the study or call 800-SOS-Radon.

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    Talking Re: Iowa Smokers Needed For Radon Study

    I find it intresteing all these studies on smoking and 2nd hand smoke.
    my grandfather was born in 1901 and started smoking when he was 13 and quit when he was 80 and died at 104 years young. He lived all over the country including Iowa, Work in coal mines Ohio and married my grandmother who is from waco Tx. who smoked from the time of 16 tell she was 75 and past a way at 96 years young. By the way they lived for 20 years in south waco where radon gas is high. Intresting that my mother who is 77 and smoked for 40 years and and live 19 years in south waco tx and to this day is very healthy. But my aunt which is my dads sister live most of her life and never smoked in corpus christi Tx dies at 70 with lung cancer. intresting

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    Default Re: Iowa Smokers Needed For Radon Study

    Wow... someone needs to tell the EPA that Waco has high levels of Radon.

    Texas | EPA Map of Radon Zones | Radon | Indoor Air Quality | Air | US EPA


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    Talking Re: Iowa Smokers Needed For Radon Study

    Not all of waco just certian areas, by the way Rchard we all ways called Duncanville hootersville. Grew up in desoto teenage years anyway, and a lot friends were from Duncanville that was a long time ago way before red bird mall and intersate 20.

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    Default Re: Iowa Smokers Needed For Radon Study

    Hi Gents –

    For what it’s worth, in my experience, Bill Fields is a rather dishonest individual who practices junk science, and is rather incapable of providing a technically competent scientific argument. It has been my personal experience that Fields openly has lied in public. As an example, in the past, I have encountered Fields wherein he has gone so far as to adopt fake names to attack people and to heap huge praises upon himself as one of God’s gifts to science.

    In fact, Bill Fields, in my opinion, promotes junk science. I would be cautious about participating in anything with which he is associated.

    Just my opinion.

    Caoimh*n P. Connell
    Forensic Industrial Hygienist
    Forensic Industrial Hygiene

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    Default Re: Iowa Smokers Needed For Radon Study

    well, so is always better not to smoke, right?

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    Default Re: Iowa Smokers Needed For Radon Study

    well, so is always better not to smoke, right?

    you would think so

    but my family except one has smoke the only one who got canser was the one who did not smoke. she got lung canser at 70 years young the one who smoke lived to 104 years young go figure.


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