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    Default Air Sampling Pump

    Anyone testing for mold these days. I finally had to break down and buy a pump. What are some good ones you have used?

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    Default Re: Air Sampling Pump

    I USE zefon international--from pro labs--and the z-5 samplers


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    Thanks. How do you structure costs.

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    Hello Matt-

    The pump is far less important than the process. One could use the finest equipment on the market, and still produce junk data.

    Performing valid air monitoring for mould typically costs somewhere on the order of $1,500 to $2,500 and those results are good ONLY for that one day during which the samples were collected.

    The costs necessary for performing valid indoor airborne assessments for moulds is just one of the many reasons that such monitoring is virtually never done by legitimate experts in mould and human exposures, and is, at the moment, almost the exclusive prevue of the flim-flam man,

    Caoimh*n P. Connell
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