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    Default Condo's and Radon testing...

    Had an odd one...

    A 1st floor condo on slab buyer wanting a Radon Inspection.

    Makes perfect sense...

    However, I warned them that if the numbers came back high, the seller might not be able to remediate the Radon as they don't own the foundation/slab/structure and it would be up to the Condo association to do that, and they might not want to open that can of worms....

    How would you have explained/written the possible limitations of Radon in a Condo?

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    Post Re: Condo's and Radon testing...

    I would perform the test and report the result. If there is a concern, it would likely be a concern for the entire building. It would be up to the seller to take up with the association. The lawyers can sort out who would be responsible for remediation costs.

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