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    Default CRM Sun Nuclear 1027 correction factor

    I have just received my CRM 1027 back after being calibrated and it came back with these #s *Background at 0.2 pci/l *Overall avg. 10.8 pci/l *Correction factor 1.071 *Uncertainty of measurement% 2.77%.
    Can anyone tell what this means? Should I apply the 1.071 to the final displayed value on the monitor and how, just add to total. (I think the 1.071 is the one that's out) Correct TKS

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    Default Re: CRM Sun Nuclear 1027

    Why not just call technical support at Sun Nuclear and get it from the horse's mouth?
    They are very helpful, AND you will get correct information.

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    Default Re: CRM Sun Nuclear 1027

    I just did a side by side radon test with my 1027 that hasn't been recalibrated in several years and my recently recalibrated Femto. The averages were identical, although the hourly's were quite different. I'll get my 1027 recalibrated during the December doldrums, but when I bought my used Femto, it hadn't been recalibrated in over ten years. Yet it wasn't "off" enough to change the results even a tenth of a point on most tests.


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