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    Default Cryptococcus gatti is deadly

    This story was in the news in the late 90's on Vancouver Island, when a few people died. They had all been to the same campsite near Parksville. Scientists are still working on how the fungus, native to Samoa and thereabouts, came to appear in this part of North America. It is a mould or fungus that is found in soil as a rule but can move into a human lung under the right circumstances. The funny thing is, nobody here is hysterical about it. Maybe if it grew on drywall we'd be flipping out more?

    Here's a news story about the research going on.

    Nanaimo News Bulletin - B.C. scientists to help American researchers study deadly fungus

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    Hi John -

    Yes - do start a new thread on the Cryptococci - it's a good topic for Home Inspector awareness. HI's may encounter the Cryptococci in a number of scenarios.

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    Keep it out in the Pacific Northwest!

    CDC - Fungal Diseases - C. gattii cryptococcosis
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    "C. gattii cryptococcosis is considered to be an emerging infection in the United States and is very rare." from the CDC.

    100 diagnosed cases in 7 years almost all in Pacific NW. That's a relief.

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