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    Inspected a 1980 house yesterday for a remote client. It was in one of the poshest neighborhoods in the area, and the asking price was over $2million. Owner rarely there; traveled a lot on business. It was for a remote client, so I had the house to myself. Well, me and the termite inspector.
    What he found will likely mean thousands of dollars in remediation and repair; pretty much everywhere in the basement there were corpses (and a few live ones) of swarming termites. The window frames were just about hollowed out, and there were tubes visible in the one small unfinished area of the basement. Even some of the interior walls had damage.
    I get to go over the report with the client this afternoon, and I'm sure he's not going to be happy. But this was one of the worst infestations the termite guy had seen. This was one of the windowsills in the basement; several more looked just like it.
    The exterior of the house had vegetation growing up against it pretty much all around, which I'm sure contributed to the problem.

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    When termite corpses are out in the open like that, it usually means an extensive colonization with corresponding damage.

    An agent sent me a report that a very good HI had done for a client buying her listing. He mentioned a termite infestation, but the dead bugs in his photo were little brown roaches.......nasty, but not termite bad.

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