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    Default mold or????

    This is a sub floor i found today would you call this mold or?????

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    If dry now, I would call it water-stained from a past leak. If it is still wet, it's a leak. If there are fruiting bodies of mould that can be wiped with a finger, then I call it active mold growth.
    But there are places you are advised to say mold-like or some other wishy washy term unless you have a PhD in moldology.

    OSB takes 10 times longer than plywood to dry out. So that subfloor may need to be replaced if the moisture content is still over 20%.

    John Kogel, RHI, BC HI Lic #47455

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    Default Re: mold or????

    Did you check it with a moisture meter? Looks wet to me...

    Scott Patterson, ACI
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    For what it’s worth – I don’t see any mould.

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