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    Default Educational Radon Lectures

    Hello All!

    I have begun to post a series of lectures that may be of interest to the Home Inspection Industry.

    Last week I placed the first part of a radon lecture on Youtube. The first video is found here:

    The fear-based “environmental hazard consultant” must ignore toxicology and epidemiology to be financially successful, since the gravamen of their sales pitch must necessarily be: “presence = illness.”

    In this second segment of four, I introduce the toxicological concepts of dose-response curves, NOELs, LOELs, and the Wisdom of Paracelsus. Epidemiological concepts of “association,” “correlation,” and “causation” are differentiated into meaningful terms along with the distinctions of “hazard,” “risk,” and “safety.” We also begin to look at the findings of evidence-based scientific entities regarding residential radon, and how those findings conflict with “popular understanding.” The 2nd video is available at

    Next week, I will be making Part 3 available. I hope you enjoy these educational vids! Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have.



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    Default Re: Educational Radon Lectures

    Well done! I've read some of your material online and it accords with what my own research/study has revealed over the past twenty-eight years. Thanks for keeping it real.

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    Default Re: Educational Radon Lectures

    Caoimh*n P. Connell,
    Thank you.
    I will enjoy the material

    Best regards.
    Robert Young

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    Default Re: Educational Radon Lectures

    I've watched the first two videos. Very good stuff. You have a chart showing that some of these studies indicate a possible health benefit from radon exposure at levels below 100 pico curies/l. How does the EPA explain that one away?

    While I think HIs should be aware that the EPA's and WHO's threshold are not settled science, I'm not taking the EPA on and if they say that radon is dangerous at 4, then by-God, 4 it is! And even if there is legitimate debate on where exposure to radon becomes dangerous, at this time, it doesn't matter. If a buyer tests a home they are trying to buy and the result is 4 or above, then in my experience, they will ask the seller to mitigate. So no matter what anyone may think about the health risks, it's not disputable that radon will stigmatize a home until it is mitigated. In Colorado, if a seller knows about a radon test on their home that had a result above 4, then they must disclose that information to a prospective buyer.

    If a crusader wants to tilt against the EPA, I'll cheer from the sideline, but I have enough things on my plate as it is, without adding fighting the EPA to it.

    Last year, I had inspections with a retired nuclear physicist and an active one. When I asked if they wanted radon tests, both launched into why the EPA's risk threshold of 4 is BS. They passed on testing.

    If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.

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