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    Default Article: When animals attack: Protecting yourself from animal-related injuries

    Hi, Inspection News Readers!

    Aubri from InspectorPro Insurance here. Here is a preview of ourlatest article and infographic!

    Thestories we heard when writing this article, were wild to say the least (no punintended). Home inspectors encounter many dangers, particularly with animals,so hopefully this info can help.

    Inspecting homes is a dangerous job. From slippery roofs to electrical hazards, rottedsubflooring to invisible toxins, the average home inspector encounterscountless perils during their careers. While inspection horror stories come inall varieties, many of the tales that have unhappy endings seem to stem fromhome inspection animal attacks.

    Most recently, the home inspection community rallied behind Texas home inspector BrianBassett, who, while performing a residential home inspection onAugust 28, 2019, was mauled by three pit bulls that escaped their backyard pen.While Bassett declined to comment, his story lives through the testimonies ofmany of his fellow home inspectors online on various Facebook groups, forums,and his GoFundMepage.

    According to those online sources, Bassett's injuries were substantial. Within the firstmonth after the attack, Bassett underwent four surgeries to clean and removedamaged soft tissue and reconstruct his lower left leg. While doctors were ableto save his leg, infection forced them to remove two of his toes. And, althoughBassett was able to return home from the hospital 23 days later, on September20th, it will likely take another four to six months of rehabilitation andprocedures to recover.

    Unfortunately ,Bassett's story is not unique to the industry. Animals, both domestic and wild,pose a threat to unsuspecting inspectors. In this article and infographic, wediscuss some precautions and resources to overcome onsite animal attacks.


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