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    Have any of you had any experience with Environmental Data Resources?
    Looks like a good source of income and information to our clients but was interested in your opinions.
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    I have and it's tough sell to agents. Most take the position as a another hurdle for them to close a sale. You have sell it to buyer client's.

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    I took the EDR class 2 years ago, had my first request for a report last week. I don't really market it, but I can do it when asked. We have an area out here that has a lot of fissures that worry folks. They charge a low price, and recommend that us inspectors charge almost twice as much - that just doesn't sit right with me. The EDR customer service is great, they walk you through the whole deal.
    If it's one of my agents, I give it to them at cost.
    Yes, it's not a big seller.


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