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    In the picture you will see what appears to have been meant as a walkway from the finished basement door at the left to the drive way & then apparently the HVAC guys decided it would be a great place for the units. I would like some opinions as far as what you would say about it.

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    Poor planing. Is about all I can say as this is not a violation of anything I know of. It could be just an oversized A/C pad!

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    Here is the rest of the story on this new home. The couple had the interior doors in the finished basement widened to accomodate his paraplegic brother, until just now being in town they had only seen pics & the units had not yet been installed, now when they show up there are the units blocking the way for a perfectly good access to the basement.
    My father was in a wheelchair for years & I have built handicap accessible & adaptable homes & I know & understand the frustration of something like this being placed in the way of a perfectly good wheelchair path, so I guess unless they have this walkway in their contract it is going to be tough luck.

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    They could add a short radius walkway from the left of the stairs back to the existing walkway.


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