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    Default Handrail (baluster spacing)

    I commonly call out guardrail spacing that is over 4 inches. However I am wondering if there are some exceptions to this rule. I find it very common that metal handrails at entry steps have balusters that are over 4 inches. Is there an exceptions to this rule in locations such as front and rear entry steps.

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    Default Re: Handrail (baluster spacing)

    Currently the exception is if 30" or less to surface.
    The 4" rule is not all that old, someone may be able to tell you when it was enacted.

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    Default Re: Handrail (baluster spacing)

    Spacing between step rail balusters must not allow a 4 3/8" sphere to pass through.

    Edit: Someone recently posted this pdf, think it was MT but I'm not sure.

    See page 13.

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