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    Default Cantilever vents

    Hello Comrads,

    Quick question. Attached are some pictures I took at a 2 unit complex inspection I did. Do these cantilever soffits need to be vented or is there a overhang limit or minimum until the cantilevers need venting?

    Your prompt response is much appreciated,
    Thanks my inpsection brothers!

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    Default Re: Cantilever vents

    In my area, way north of you, ventilation would not be essential, provided there is no indoor air leaking into that space.
    It must have been stuffy in there with no windows to open.

    John Kogel, RHI, BC HI Lic #47455

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    Default Re: Cantilever vents

    Way stuffy and muggy since there was an active leak coming from the bathroom upstairs

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    Default Re: Cantilever vents

    I have never seen a floor cantilever vented and can't figure out why one should ever need to be vented? How is it different than an outside wall cavity...

    Randy Gordon, construction
    Michigan Building Inspector/Plan Reviewer

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    Default Re: Cantilever vents

    I have to agree with Randy (Door Guy). Why is there a need for a cantilever vent on this portion of the over-hang and/or building ? If vents were installed in this area – would there not be a concern for loss of heating / cooling through the floor ? I’ve seen vents installed in attics and in crawl spaces, but never in a over-hang such as this ?

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    Default Re: Cantilever vents

    If it is not an attic space (which it does not appear to be) then it is not required to be vented.

    That cantilevered floor area would need to be insulated, but you have no way of checking that (with an infrared camera, and in that closed condition with no power it is possible that there may not be any temperature difference between inside and outside (unless the inside is hotter) and thus even the infrared camera may not be able to tell either.

    Jerry Peck, Construction / Litigation Consultant
    Construction Litigation Consultants, LLC ( )

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    Default Re: Cantilever vents

    No vents necessary. Reason: Vents under a partial cantilevered floor (that portion of the perimeter envelope) serve no useful purpose if not another opportunity for insect and vermin to make entry.


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