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    Default Copers and term bars

    Anybody have a manufacturer Spec sheet or ASTM number for:
    - Parapet wall coping tile end joint sealing. Roofing install standard from a manufacturer etc. I'm pretty sure ASTM D4586 applies to this.
    - Termination bar nailing for roofing along parapet. Contractor only nailed every 2nd or 3rd hole instead of each.
    I've done a bunch of searching but am having trouble coming up with a PDF of sorts.
    Thanks for any help.

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    Default Re: Copers and term bars

    That ASTM standard cover roof cement:
    - ASTM D4586 / D4586M - 07(2012)e1 Standard Specification for Asphalt Roof Cement, Asbestos-Free

    What you are looking for would be, should be, addressed in the product approval and installation instructions for that tile based on the manufacturer of the tile.

    In Florida, and I realize you are not, the product approval and/or installation instructions would likely reference an RAS number (RAS=Roof Application Standard) and that standard should address what you are seeking.

    Outside of Florida, your best bet is the installation instructions for the tile.

    Also in Florida, the FRSA-NTRMA (Florida Roofing and Sheetmetal Association - National Tile Roof Manufacturers Association) has installation instructions for the installation of tile roofs which are general for the industry and may or may not be applicable to a specific tile manufacturer.

    The TRI (Tile Roofing Institute) may also have some installation instructions which are general for the industry and may or may not be applicable to a specific tile manufacturer.

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