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    Default Radio show tonight

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    Reggie Marston 3:09pm Sep 30
    Tonight, Sunday, Sept 30, “The House P. I.” radio show, 7:00-8:00 PM EST. It’s estimated there are over 40,000,000 sun decks in the United States that are over 20 years old. Unfortunately, like fine wine these decks aren’t getting better with age. Join me and my guest, Dr. Joseph Loferski as we discuss the safety concerns with older decks. Dr. Loferski is a professor at the department of wood science and forest products at Virginia Tech University. Dr. Loferski has spent years studying why decks fail and has published numerous technical papers and a book on the subject. Dr. Loferski’s research has led to changes in a number of state building codes and the International Residential Building Code for deck construction as well as developing new fasteners and hardware to make decks safer. To find a radio station in your area or to listen coast to coast and around the globe, Welcome to Info Radio Net | IRN USA Radio. To listen to previous shows visit, House P. I. Radio show all about houses. If you get an opportunity stop by, “The House P. I.” page, catch the new video I posted about the show. The House P. I. | Facebook If you get a chance give the page a “like” while you’re there. Thanks!

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    That's just great. I spent 30 years as a carpenter breathing saw dust and he's a Professor telling people the same thing I tell clients.
    I knew there was a better job out there for me somewhere.
    "The Code is not a ceiling to reach but a floor to work up from"


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