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    Default Drainage under walkway

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    Default Re: Drainage under walkway


    The wood was just use to form the opening.

    Not a problem in my opinion. Where its located, let the termites enjoy it.

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    Default Re: Drainage under walkway

    The OSB are portions of the left over forms they built for the concrete pour, a piece of drain pipe would have been simpler and better, but oh well.

    I'd note it and move on, rather have bugs show up here than at the house. Think of them as little garbagemen removing unwanted debris.

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    Default Re: Drainage under walkway

    ALL forms must be removed, unless made to become a permanent part of the formed construction - and wood is not "permanent", not unless it is one of the 'permanent wood species' listed in the code (and, no, OSB is not one of them).

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