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    Default patio door ground contact

    Hello all,

    I am not an inspector, Just a retired stone contractor trying to buy a home. I appologize if my post is in the wrong place.

    A home we like has a sunken living room. The entire home has proper ground contact clearance everywhere but at this one exterior wall with a sliding door. Everything I know says this is not right and it should have a step down to the patio.

    The interior finished floor and exterior concrete patio are at the same level. There is no step down at the slider door. My guess is that there once was a small pad for the final inspection and some time after the large patio was installed not taking into account the needed separation.

    Before i crawl the length of the crawlspace to inspect, Is there some method of building that has eluded me that allows this? I cannot see having framing lumber beneath the final grade.

    Thank you in advance and sorry the pictures are not better detailed.

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    Default Re: patio door ground contact

    Unless the interior floor base is concrete slab you are right in your interpretation of what may have happened. Nevada without the snow an rain may be the rational for the no step to exterior elevation. But with the grading at the level of the interior floor would be a potential problem even with the use of pressure treated materials.

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    Default Re: patio door ground contact

    Thank you for the reply,

    the home is in the mountains oz AZ so there is a possibility of snow and moisture against the wall. the home is not on a slab, It appears to be tji joists for the entire area. If they accept my offer I will crawl over to the foundation wall and check it out.

    If it is the worst case scenario I have no idea how to begin to correct it other than a lot of excavating.

    In Nevada on slab, my home is still a six inch step to the patio.

    Thank you,

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    Default Re: patio door ground contact

    Take a camera and good light.

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