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    Quote Originally Posted by dan orourke View Post
    I do have two question, though:

    The rafters are 2x6 and the end beam is 2x4, should the end beam be 2x6 as well or does it matter?
    The 2x4 - 2x6 part does not matter are it relates to what is on what, those sizes are, should be (but appear not to have been) selected based on span and spacing. A 2x4 beam (basically a header) typically has a maximum span of 4 feet. If those joists are on 24" centers, those 2x4s are spanning 8 FEET at the two larger spans - the center shorter span looks to be about 4 feet ... it looks like someone removed two posts to get a better view, thus over-spanning the 2x4s.

    Should there not be a knee brace on both sides of the posts?
    The knee braces are there for resisting lateral movement and it is possible that only two knee braces are needed. The knee braces do help with the spanning ability of those 2x4s, but their purpose is to resist lateral movement.

    Then you've also got to consider what is supporting the inboard ends of those joists at the house? A ledger? Trim across the top of the window (that's my guess), and, if so, that trim is not a 'ledger'. Those little hurricane clips do nothing to keep the joists vertical (stop rotation of the joints) and do nothing to hold the joists up ... and provide very little resistance to hold them down.

    I don't see anything there to keep the joists from laying over at an angle, and, when they do, those joists will fail and fall in.

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    As Jerry said, but in layman's terms....
    No visible ledger board.
    They used tie-down straps and not joist hangers.
    2x4 need to be larger, say a 2x8.
    Blocking to stop rotation.

    Granted the cover does not have much weight, but a strong wind could catch it and tear it and part of the house off. As it is, it will most likely stand for years without a problem, but you just never know when or what is going to happen. I would also bet that the metal roof is screwed down with sheet metal screws!!

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