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    Default testing out opening hinged garage doors

    guys --i don't test safety reverses on hinged garage doors--don't know how --do you and how do you do it--cvf

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    Default Re: testing out opening hinged garage doors

    What do you mean "hinged"?
    I can't think of a door without hinges except a slider.
    Are you talking about a one piece door with hinges on the side that pivot or a sectional door that has hinges between the sections?

    Jim Luttrall
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    Default Re: testing out opening hinged garage doors

    Is this what you're talking about?

    Go to 1:50 in the video

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    Default Re: testing out opening hinged garage doors

    Or are you talking about this?

    I think you are asking about a swinging door which would be tested as if it were a gate with an operator device.

    UL 325 defines a gate as “a moving barrier such as a swinging, sliding, raising, lowering, rolling, or the like, barrier that is a stand-alone passage barrier or is that portion of a wall or fence system that controls entrance and/or egress by persons or vehicles and completes the perimeter of a defined area.”

    This may be of assistance:

    Bottom line on testing process per my methodology:
    1) Look at all of the door and hardware for proper installation, defects and locks.
    2) Cycle the door operator 2 times.
    3) Door is in open position. Stand in path of door swing and it should reverse when it meets your foot without applying to much force. Else just walk away (retreat) from door.
    4) If the door has edge sensor, test to see if they cause door to reverse when they are pushed.
    5) Photo sensor on floor. If you block beam door should not operate.

    Caution, do to age and design of operator there may not be any safety features present. You have to be able to recognize when that is the case.

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    Default Re: testing out opening hinged garage doors


    For clarification - side hinged - top hinged - vertically pivoting hinged?

    Jerry Peck
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