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    Default Cracks in Stucco

    My home was built in 1960. I am only the 2nd owner and have lived in the home 16 years.
    2 months ago, my outside wall stucco started cracking on every side of the house. My back patio started having cracks also. I was very concerned and called out 2 residential structural engineers.

    The crawled under the house and said no problems and no water underneath the home, which I thought was causing all the cracks. Foundation in tact. Sounds like a moisture issue but no water under house and it hasn't rained here in 6 months. The concrete was poured 12 years ago and no cracks until 2 months ago.

    When I read all these threads, they say it's normal, but I can't believe this...with new cracks everyday.

    Do I take the time to repair all the cracks and have the "new" paint not match the color that was put on 12 years ago? Do I spend thousands on new stucco, "hoping" that won't crack?

    It will not let me upload photos, so I can email to anybody who can help thanks

    San Diego

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    Default Re: Cracks in Stucco

    First, some questions:

    Are there other houses nearby which are built like yours (in a subdivision)?

    Do those houses have the same new stucco cracking?

    Any recent earthquake activity (tremors, etc) in your area?

    Do all of the windows and doors (interior and exterior doors) still open and close without binding?

    Jerry Peck
    Construction Litigation Consultant - Retired


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